martes, 5 de noviembre de 2013

The prince charming is not so charming

In many movies or in our environment we listen that the women are obsessed with the prince charming. The people say that we have a fantasy due to we saw many  disney movies when we were kids. Is this the real answer?

Te prince charming appears in many books, movies, serials, tales and more than once we dream about this character. A lovely man that love us and makes our dreams come true?... No! Obviously we want a man that love us but we want a partner too. A person for share our life even the ridiculous things. A guy for play, talk, laugh, cry and love. This is our prince charming not the character blonde with blue eyes that the movies show. The big question is, why is so difficult to find him???? I think that is because sometimes we want that this man will be perfect.

The finder of our prince charming is very complex and the relationships too, more when you are older. When we think that finally we found "the man" something bad happens. In the fairy tales we read about prince that fight whit dragons or evil witches for protect the love with his princess. In the real life, women and men have to fight with "stupid" things like money, time, the success of ones part and many times we have to fight whit the distance. I don't know who is the biggest by personally think that the distance is the most painful.

In physics department you see many couples. Yeah, the physicist have a heart too and they are so lucky. I never see many people married! Sometimes is terrifying. The problem is when you see a lot of people getting marry and making children your stupid biological clock says you that your time has come! Once and again! With this terrible tic toc! And obviously you don't want it but when you are under pressure you begin to ask you "What happen if..."

With your biological clock ringing and without having the prince charming you begin to get depressed and in your despair you would find an ugly toad dressed as prince charming.

So, sometimes the prince charming is not so charming. Don't search him! This search goes straight to failure. And think that probably he is searching the beautiful princess too. But we knows that the woman are more witches that princess. But sexy and hot witches.

I could say you be happy and try to don't fight but I hate this advice like self-help book. I only can give you this tip: Hate your biological clock ant try to turn off! This is the real guilty of all! And continue kissing toads, maybe you will find the prince charming dressed like the ugly toad.

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  1. how funny! u have the same fears that u had as a child. when u codnt see couples on the street without saying LOSER XD.u wont end up alone dont worry!!!! u are an aweosome person (K)!!!!